First Aid at Work – 3 Days


First Aid at Work Training

Our First Aid at Work Training is a comprehensive program designed for individuals working in high-risk environments. Gain essential first aid skills and knowledge to handle emergencies effectively. Choose from classic learning, non-consecutive learning, or blended learning options. Topics covered include CPR, allergic reactions, burns, fractures, and more. Get certified and be prepared to save lives.



First Aid at Work Training

The First Aid at Work training course is our most comprehensive and thorough first aid program. It is specifically designed for individuals working in high-risk environments such as building sites or warehouses. This course provides in-depth training on essential first-aid skills and techniques to ensure you are well-equipped to handle emergencies and provide immediate medical assistance.

Learning Styles:

  • Classic Learning: This learning style involves three full days of classroom-based training.
  • Non-Consecutive Learning: The training is also classroom-based, but the three days are spread across three weeks.
  • Blended Learning: This style consists of two parts:

Part 1: Online Training – Self-directed online modules that can be completed at your own pace within a day. This flexible learning option allows you to complete the training in your preferred environment. The online section must be finished within six weeks before the face-to-face training.

Part 2: Face-to-face Training – Two days of classroom instruction, conducted in small groups with fellow blended course participants. An experienced trainer will lead the sessions.

Explore the Benefits of Blended Learning and refer to our FAQ section for our online training platform and minimum system requirements.

Topics Covered in the First Aid at Work Course:

– Adult resuscitation (CPR)
– Allergic reactions
– Asthma
– Bone, muscle, and joint injuries
– Burns and scalds
– Chest pains
– Choking in adults
– Communication and casualty care
– Eye injuries
– Fainting
– Head injuries
– Defibrillator prompts and response (theory-based)
– Defibrillator pad placement (theory-based)
– Low blood sugar
– Managing emergencies
– Minor and severe bleeding
– Poisons and actions for poisoning incidents
– Role of the first aider, including knowledge of health and safety regulations
– Seizures
– Shock
– Spinal injuries
– Stroke
– Unresponsive adults

Note: We have reintroduced rescue breaths into our CPR training.

By completing the First Aid at Work training, you will gain essential skills to respond confidently to various emergency situations and fulfil your role as a qualified first aider.

Successful candidates receive a OK4UK Academy certificate, valid for three years.