OK4UK Academy

OK4UK Academy is one of the most trusted training providers in London. With a focus on making career progression accessible to everyone, OK4UK Academy offers a wide range of training programs and qualifications in the construction industry. From NVQ diplomas to specialized courses, our experienced trainers provide high-quality training to help individuals advance their careers in the construction sector. OK4UK Academy strives to empower individuals and bridge the skills gap in the industry.

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OK4UK Academy strategic approach

Here’s what you can expect from us:

Comprehensive Curriculum

We combine theoretical knowledge with practical hands-on training to equip our students with the skills and expertise needed in the real world.

Tailor-made Teaching

At OK4UK Academy, we believe in the power of tailor-made teaching. We understand that every individual has unique learning needs and goals. That's why our experienced teachers ensure that each student receives the support and guidance they require to succeed.

Fully Licenced

OK4UK Academy UKPRN: 10092747 (UK Register of Learning Providers is the portal for government departments, agencies, learners, and employers).

Ofqual accreditation (Ofqual is the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation).

OK4UK Academy construction training